Spotify Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Spotify – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Spotify is a music platform that offers you access to millions of songs and podcasts. In addition, content is created by creators from all over the world. The main function of playing music is free here, but if you want to access all the features, you can choose Spotify premium.

Spotify is founded by Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek and has become one of the most popular music streaming platforms. The app’s functions are simple, but many people have doubts regarding its usage. These are the most common Spotify FAQs which need to be answered to use the app to its fullest.

Spotify allows you to create playlists which can include your original content also. This is simple and easy to know who has liked your playlist. You can know this by examining what is currently following your account. Of course, you cannot exactly see who liked your playlist, but you can see how many likes your playlist got. However, you can check who is following your account. So you can get to know the number of likes on your playlists but not the persons who liked them.

How to turn off the shuffle on Spotify?

As Spotify comes up with many interesting features, one of which is shuffle play. This feature allows you to experience random listening by shuffling the songs. Suppose you want to turn off the shuffle play feature and then first fully screen the song which is currently playing. Then click on the shuffle button available there in the media controls. On turning off, the button will turn grey colour.

Why did Spotify log me out?

At the time of using the app, many people suffer the issue of logging out from the app. This is a common Spotify FAQ, and the solution is also simple. The reason for logging out from the app is that it can be possible that your Spotify account is being logged in to multiple devices. 

If you change your account’s password, you will also log out from all the other devices you have logged in to. Another reason for logging out could be that your account has been hacked.

How to clear the queue on Spotify?

The app also allows you to make a queue for the songs, which means you can add your favourite songs in one place. So now, if you want to clear the tracks you have added to the queue, this can be done in simple and easy steps. 

First, open your Spotify app and move to the playback screen currently playing. Afterwards, click on the playing song and tap the three-line icon at the lower right corner. Next, select the songs you want to remove and click on the remove button in the left corner.

How to change the payment method on Spotify?

The payment method is required if you want access to Spotify premium. This premium offers different subscription periods you can select at your convenience. You can change the payment method which is used at the time of taking a subscription. This can be done in easy steps. 

First, open the app, then go to the Spotify account page and there you get an option for account overview. Scroll down to that option until your plan shows, and under your plan, go to the payment section. There update the new payment method, and you are done.

How to download Spotify on Mac?

The app can be run on various devices, such as mobile phones, windows or Mac. For example, to download the Spotify app on Mac, you just need to follow some simple steps, and these are:

  • First, go to Spotify on the browser, click the download button, and save the Spotify.dmg.file.
  • Once it is installed, double-click on the file and open it.
  • After that, sign up or log in to your Spotify account and enjoy the music on your Mac.

How to make Spotify louder?

Spotify comes up with various audio settings features that allow you to adjust the sound as you want. These settings can include boosting bass, changing the volume level, and making the music louder by adjusting its audio settings.

 To do so, open the app and get a gear symbol at the top right corner. At this symbol, you get the audio settings, and a volume section offers three options. These options include Loud, Normal, or Quiet and choose from these as per your preference.

Does Spotify have audiobooks?

As it is one of the most famous and preffered music platforms, this comes up with many features. Along with music streaming, podcasts and creating playlists, this also provides audio books. This has become the part of the company which tells about it that it is a one-stop shop offering many things. The availability of audiobooks has boosted the app as it attracts more and more new customers.

How to add music to Spotify from a youtube Chrome book?

You can listen to the music already provided on the app, but you can also add music from youtube. This is one of its amazing features and is liked by most users. For adding music to the app, there are a few simple steps. 

First, connect the YouTube music by clicking on the left panel. Then select playlists available on YouTube music which you want to take to Spotify. Then choose Spotify from the given options, and you are done. 

How to know if you’re blocked on Spotify?

Many people doubt how they would come to know if they are blocked on the app. To know this, you can try different things on the app. First, enter the person’s username you want to search for. If you are unable to find it, that tells you that you are blocked but that person.

In case you cannot see their profile information or playlists, you also have the chance to get blocked on the app. In these ways, you can find out about your doubt regarding this.

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