YouTube Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

YouTube – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

YouTube is a social media and online video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. The app was launched in the year 2005 with awesome video-sharing features. After its popularity, it has become the most visited website after Google search. 

Users can watch, upload, share, like,e and comment on the video content on this platform. This is an entertainment platform and can also be used as an earning source. Most people have doubts regarding its advanced features. Some of the common YouTube FAQ has been answered so they can use the app to its fullest.

How do you show you are watching YouTube on discord?

This is one of the most common queries of youtube users, and the solution is given in simple and easy steps. All you need to do for setting discord activity is set Listening, Watching, Streaming, and Playing, which you want to set. It has an integration regarding Plex, SoundCloud, and YouTube; by this, you can automatically share what you are listening to or watching.

How to record on YouTube TV?

Many people ask about this feature which is quite common in the YouTube FAQ. This app feature offers you the option of recording different programs, including shows, live sports, movies, and many more. You can watch these on any device after accessing this feature. This feature works when you add any program to your library; this will be recorded automatically. So all you need to access the programs is the library section of the app or its premium website.

How to turn off the age restriction on YouTube?

The app comes up with a feature of restricted mode, which is used for blocking children’s access to inappropriate videos. However, you can turn off this mode and not have to permanently keep it on. 

To turn off the mode, sign up for your account, then click on your profile photo at the top of the screen. Then click on managing a Google account from the dropdown menu. Afterward, click on personal info, and under basic info, update your date of birth, and you are done with this.

What does highlighted comment mean on YouTube?

Below a YouTube video, there is a comment labeled as highlighted in the comment section. This appears in light gray over the commenter’s name. These comments are not voted on by other users or approved by the video creator. These are something more than a bookmark feature. Something specific is mentioned in the comment‘s URL link. Thus it is uniquely identified as a different comment.

Why doesn’t YouTube show the upload date? 

Most of the videos available on YouTube do not show the upload date. This is one of YouTube’s features. It depends on whether the uploader or creator of the video wants to show the date. Or it can also be possible that YouTube doesn’t allow showing the uploaded date for that particular video.

The option of showing the upload date is not applicable on all the videos. This is only possible in two cases that are if the creator has done so and if the youtube particularly restrict this.

How to go frame by frame on YouTube?

Along with so many amazing features of YouTube, this is among the most interesting ones. If you want to go frame by frame on YouTube, forward, pause the video, and press to go to the next frame. For going backward, pause and press the video to go to the last frame. Thus the features of the app are so simple and easily understandable. This type of feature also makes the steaming and other experiences more amazing.

How to add chapters to YouTube videos?

The app allows you to add custom chapters to your videos. This can be done in a few basic and simple steps. First, choose the option of content from the menu on the left side. Then tap on the video that you want to edit. There you get an option of adding chapters; click that option. After doing so, the chapters will automatically appear in the description for further editing. Having benefit of this feature and knowing about its usage could be better for some of the users. 

How to block youtube on iPad?

YouTube is an app that can be run on smartphones, Windows, iPad, and other devices. So there is some difference in its settings to be changed on different devices. For example, if you want to block the app website on iPad, first go to the settings, then click the screen time option.

There you get an option of content and privacy restrictions, move this to on or green. Tap on the content restrictions and then go to the app options. Afterward, tap on the 12+option, enter the screen time password and click the block option.

How to clear the YouTube cache?

For good app performance, it’s important to clear the cached data from your phone. This helps in less lagging between the app and the phone. So first, go to your phone’s settings and the apps. You find YouTube in the list, select it and then click on storage and cache. Then clear the cached data and you are done with this. 

After clearing this, you can find the difference in the performance of the working app and also experience the features in much better way. Thus in case you don’t clear the cache then make sure to clear it now for getting good performance of the app. 

How to lock the YouTube screen?

The feature of locking the YouTube screen makes the experience of using it more interesting. This can be done by following some easy steps. Firstly go to the settings menu and choose the security option provided there. 

Afterward, select the advanced option from the dropdown menu. There you get an option of screen pinning or sometimes displayed as a lock screen and security. Activate this function, enter the app, and tap on the pin button to prevent the app from being used.

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